A Lost Touch of Innocence by Amy Tolnitch
Medallion Press
Paranormal Romance
ISBN (10) 1933836091 (13) 9781933836096
Reviewed by Amelia



Giselle St. Germain has never known anything but convent life. When her “sight” gives the Bishop of Ravenswood enough reason to send her away from the abbey, she discovers there is more to life than what she learned within the convent walls.

The bishop sends Giselle to Falcon’s Craig Castle, where she is betrothed to Piers Veuxfort. The handsome man is not thrilled with the thought of getting married, especially to a woman who wants to do nothing more than pray.

The pair do their duty, though, and wed as they should. And when they do, Giselle discovers that Piers carries a secret, too. One that may endanger both their lives, and unleash an evil into the world.

A Lost Touch of Innocence has an intriguing and unique plot. I loved watching Giselle grow and discover the truth about herself. She was a strong character that grew from a beaten down girl to a strong, loving woman who was able to take care of herself. And Piers is just plain hunky. I loved the way his character dealt with the problems he faced, and how loving he was with Giselle.

This tale of paranormal romance will delight lovers of historical fiction.


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