Wolf by Sarah Black
Torquere Press
M/M Single Shot (Contemporary)
Reviewed by Cassie



Jake has gone to stay in the mountains of New Mexico following his HIV-positive diagnosis.  Heís hiding out, basically retreating from life, when he finds out his daughter has gone off alone to try to save some wolves.  Heís determined to go after her and heís joined by her college professor, Nathaniel, who wants to help.  Right away thereís an attraction, but can Jake let himself care for someone again?

I had never read a story with an HIV-positive hero before, but Sarah Black did a very good job of portraying the diseaseís emotional effects on a person while showing that the diagnosis doesnít have to mean life is over in Wolf.  The vulnerability Jake hid under his stubborn, prickly exterior was appealing as was Nathanielís sweetness and willingness to take a chance.  I greatly enjoyed Jake and Nathanielís journey as they struggled to save the wolves and Jakeís daughter.  Wolf is the first story of Ms. Blackís I have read, but it certainly wonít be the last!


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