Uncle Mike’s Love by Christine Columbus
The Wild Rose Press
Contemporary Romance
Reviewed by Katherine



Mike had left after high school on a scholarship to college.  He didn’t regret leaving except for one thing, leaving behind his high school sweetheart.  Patty had been a goth teen-ager and they had broken up because he’d been nervous about how it would look to have her as his girlfriend.  Looking back, he knew he’d been a snob, Patty was a wonderful person and he was lucky to have had her.

After being fired as a football coach, Mike returned home to stay with his widowed sister while he looked for a new coaching position.  He was taking the time to get to know his nephews, who until now had only known him through talking on the phone.  He knew he’d be able to find a new job soon, but while he was in town, Mike also wanted to try to heal the rift between him and Patty.  He was a coach who knew how to win and he planned to win her back.

Uncle Mike’s Love was a different kind of read for me since it was in first person from Mike’s point of view.  Although I wanted to slap him for his treatment of Patty, it was obvious he had matured and wanted to move forward.  He couldn’t change the past, but he wanted to help with his nephews who couldn’t remember their father and he wanted Patty back in his life. 


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