True by Rowan McBride
Tales of the Novahn
Twisted Shift
Erotic Gay/Lesbian Romance
Reviewed by Cassie



Ethan is one of the Novahn, a race of shapeshifters who must love or die.  When Ethan is dumped by his long-time boyfriend, he has one lunar cycle to find another man to love.  After searching unsuccessfully, he resigns himself to death, but Brendan refuses to let him die.

True grabbed my interest right away.  I was intrigued by the idea of shapeshifters who have to love to survive, and Ethan was such a sweet, earnest and caring hero that I couldnít help but root for him.  Brendanís determination to save Ethan made me love him as well.  Rowan McBride has created a fascinating race with this emotional story.  I can only hope heís working on another tale of the Novahn!


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