Three Hearts by Sue Perkins
Contemporary Romance
Whiskey Creek Press
ISBN: 978-1-59374-764-0
Reviewer: Melissa



New Zealander Darcy Farrell has been raising her orphaned niece, Brooke, for the last eight years.  Her sister had died in childbirth and had listed the father as unknown on the birth certificate.  So when Travis Denton suddenly arrives from America and claims that no only was he her sister’s husband, he is Brooke’s father too, she’s stunned!  She’s not convinced that Travis knows what he’s talking about.  However, Travis is determined that his daughter will come to America and live with him.  How can Brooke part with the child she’s loved as her own for the last eight years?  As Darcy and Travis spend time together in order to allow Travis to get to know Brooke, they begin to have deeper feelings for each other.  Darcy isn’t sure that Travis’s feelings for her alone, or because of his daughter.  Can they form a family together?

Three Hearts was an enjoyable read.  I grew to care about both Travis and Darcy, even though occasionally you want to hit Travis for his totally oblivious determination to tear his daughter from the only home and mother she’s ever known.  While the story occasionally slows to a crawl, I was still invested in Travis and Darcy’s finding their happy ending together.  Three Hearts is most certainly an enjoyable way to spend an afternoon!


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