The Spirit of Christmas by Cindy K. Green
By Grace Publishing
Contemporary Romance
Reviewed by Katherine



Nick Pringle knew that his best friend, co-worker and the woman he loved, had the Spirit of Christmas within her she just didnít know it.  Kathryn Graham also didnít know that he loved her.  So for Christmas this year, Nick decided to give Kat the Spirit.

Kat didnít know what to make of the gift she just received.  It was signed Secret Santa, and it said that she would receive gifts for the Twelve Days of Christmas just before Christmas, as opposed to the traditional twelve days after the holiday. 

Each day, Kat found another gift.  Try as she might, she couldnít figure out who her Secret Santa was.  Apparently, it was someone who knew her very well, but the only person she could come up with was Nick.  Nick claimed to not know anything and the Santa had figured out that she actually loved roses; Nick thought she didnít.

Nick couldnít believe he was jealous of himself.  The harder Kat tried to figure out her Santa, the more jealously would rear its ugly head and Nick would end up doing something he regretted.  He just hoped he could get through the last days before Christmas.

I loved The Spirit of Christmas.  Nick is so in love with Kat and he knows her better than anyone, even herself.  He uses the Secret Santa as a means to allow Kat to tear down the walls even she didnít realize she had.  It was fun watching his jealousy of himself and to witness their growing love for each other.  I will definitely be looking for more books by Cindy K. Green


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