The Rancherís Ultimatum by Nia K. Foxx
Contemporary Interracial Erotic Romance
ISBN: 1-59426-573-9
Reviewed by Sharon



Lynn James has returned home to Texas to help clean up the mess her stepbrothers have made with the family farm.   But the troubles are worse than she first thought after she realizes that her own personal nemesis, Jake Rangell, is deeply involved.  His involvement will make it harder for her to continue to ignore her unrequited feelings towards him.

Jake canít believe that Lynn has come back and has asked for his help, considering the bad blood between their families.  But all of his earlier good intentions to covertly help her family were thrown overboard when Lynn actually conceded to his demands to move into his house, for the next two weeks, to do whatever he wants.  His inner alpha male simply salivates at the thought of this sexy woman submitting to him.

Lynn fulfills The Rancherís Ultimatum and then some.  Although the family feud brews in the background, Lynn and Jake are deeply attracted to each other and are not quite sure how these new feelings will play out in the long run.  But right now, those feelings are at times lust-filled, tender, and volatile.  I loved how Ms. Foxx showed us Lynn and Jakeís thoughts and their vulnerability with each other.  Although I had a hard time believing the history of the feud, this is a well-crafted story, although a couple of editing errors were a little distracting.  I wasnít a big fan of Lynnís submissiveness and Jakeís dominance outside of the bedroom, but it drew me in anyway.  Donít miss out on The Rancherís Ultimatum.


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