The Letter by Willa Okati
Samhain Publishing
Gay/Lesbian Erotic Romance (M/M)
ISBN: 1-59998-191-2
Reviewer: Maura



After five years together, Lucas and Brandon are splitting up.  Luke has a great new job offer but it means a move away from Brandon and their home together.  Despite their agreement that Lucas will take the new position, neither one is happy.  Then Lucas finds a chest full of letters in the attic Ė letters that seemed all too familiar.

The Letter is a story of passion and love that is wholly focused on trying to unselfishly give the one you love what you think they want and need, no matter the cost to yourself.  I love Willaís characters and the sex in her books is never a disappointment; The Letter fulfills my expectations on both those counts and then some.  My favorite aspect is the sincerity of the love between Brandon and Lucas and the way they both embrace it, yet almost struggle against it at the same time.  I found myself cheering them on and even wanting to slap some sense into them too.  A terrific book and Iím sure I will read it again!


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