The Curio by Willa Okati
Torquere Press
Paranormal Romance (M/M)
Reviewed by Sabella



Brett’s bad day is finally looking up.  After a nasty break-up with his boyfriend, Jarred, Brett receives a letter from him.  Jarred is asking to come back right in time for Christmas.  Things couldn’t be better.  After all, he’s got an erotic letter from Jared in his pocket to prove it.  Right?  But things are never what they seem and so will he discover.

Hunter has been living in a hell of his own to pay for past mistakes and Brett is the key to his freedom.  All Hunter has to do is get Brett to set him free.  Hunter will rewrite Brett’s life to gain his liberty and become the lover of Brett’s dreams. He has learned his lesson.  Will Hunter be able to make it work?

The Curio is a wonderful story of redemption and faith.  Ms. Okati creates a breathtaking story and I immediately became immersed in it.  For the most part I wasn’t really sure who the good guy is, but I couldn’t help and want an outcome that leaves Brett with his HEA for Christmas even if his partner is not “perfect.”  The Curio wrapped me up and left me wanting more, as most of Ms. Okati’s stories do.


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