Tempting Fate by Kally Jo Surbeck, Melissa Schroeder,
Rena Marks and Kara Fey

Erotic Mythology Anthology Romance
ISBN 1-59426-599-2
Reviewed by Nannette



Zeus, under his wife, Hera’s, manipulation, commands his daughters, Clothos, Lachesis, Atropos, and Lucky to earth to bring structure to mortals’ lives.  They are the Fates.

The Rogue Soul by Kara Fey

Clothos weaves the Grand Tapestry of mortal life in bliss with her sisters, but lately she has been unnerved by a tempting rogue soul by the name of Anthony McLean.  Anthony must die or the tapestry will unravel.

Tony is aware that Chloe is not human, he’s been waiting for her and he needs her gone to save himself.  The unexpected and intense passion they have for each other is getting in the way of their goals though.

The Rogue Soul is a sexy and exciting story.  Tony and Chloe make a wonderful pair.  Chloe is a sweet siren and Tony is a dark seducer with a heart of gold.


The Fate of Lachesis by Rena Marks

Chesis’ one and only lover, the God Ares, broke her heart when he betrayed her, so she is not happy to see him again when he appears with a mortal who demands that she fix the gifts she bestowed upon him.  Chesis offers herself to Aaron of Arcules to help him.  In the process, Aaron and Chesis discover what has been missing form both of their lives.

In The Fate of Lachesis, Aaron and Chesis are a loving and tender couple in a story that is full of emotion and passion.


The Awakening by Kally Jo Surbeck

Attie struggles with the weight of her responsibility; she is the death dealer.  By choice she is alone, but she craves passion.  Narcissus is Attie’s long time friend and together, they find something that neither thought possible.

The Awakening is a really beautiful story.   Attie and Narcissus discover a special love in each other’s arms.  The Awakening is a moving story full of steamy passion.


Chasing Luck by Melissa Schroeder

Hera wants the missing Fate, Lucky and she tricks Chase Franklin, a God, to get her.   Lucky is calling herself Lu Fortune and is residing in Chase’s small town.   The attraction they have is soon undeniable, but Hera plans to destroy them both.

Lu and Chase are very hot together; their connection to each other is strong.  A small town feel combined with magic of the Gods, make Chasing Luck a lot of fun to read.


Tempting Fate has fascinating mythological history, modern day scenarios and very erotic love scenes.  Each story is sexy and romantic.   These spicy tales of the Fates and Gods are a temptation to indulge in.


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