Taking Eve by Cynthia Rayne
New Concepts Publishing
Erotic Vampire/Paranormal
ISBN: 1-58608-999-4
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Eve Flynn spends her nights hunting vampires in search of the one who killed her parents.  Along the way, she caught the attention of Lazarus, who also just happens to be the BMOC of vampires in Full Moon Bay.  Eve doesn’t want anything to do with Lazarus unless it pertains to sex; sex is all she can do because in order to have a relationship with Lazarus, she would have to admit she cares about him.  That is one thing Eve refuses to admit.

Lazarus loves watching Eve hunt and strike down vampires.  He won’t hunt and kill his own kind but he really enjoys watching Eve do it.  She is his consort and while she won’t admit her need for Lazarus, Lazarus has enough for both of them. 

Things get interesting in their relationship when a powerful fairy finds and gifts Eve with a present.  Will Lazarus keep her out of this fairy’s clutches or will Eve in her stubbornness, fall victim to fairy magic?

I like how Cynthia Rayne wrote the relationship between Eve and Lazarus.  Usually the male is the person who doesn’t want to commit and it was refreshing to read a storyline about a woman being hesitant.  I found the sex tantalizing and I liked how Lazarus was patient even when Eve was being stubborn.  I found Taking Eve to be a fun, afternoon read. 


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