Taken by Tarot by Eliza Gayle
Heat Sheet Fetish
ISBN 1-59426-907-6
Reviewed by Amelia



Faith has always been unlucky in love.  After doing a Tarot reading, she casts a spell to help her find her soul mate.  She doesnít expect to be confronted by a man who says heís a Fae.

Garon hears Faithís spell, and knows that they are meant to be together.  He also knows that if he has to kidnap her to get her to his land that itís all right.

Once Garon has Faith in his land, he knows several things: she has to submit to him; she has to accept his companion, Kian, who is a shape-shifter.  And he has to fight to keep her away from Cirdan, a sadistic Dom who also heard her spell and wants to claim her as his mate.

Taken by Tarot is a fun, sexy story.  Faith is a self-made woman just looking for a little love.  Garon is her perfect mate, and I loved the shape-shifter aspect of this tale.  This story is a fun way for readers to spend a few hours.


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