Taboo by Jordanna Kay
Samhain Publishing
Fantasy Erotic Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-238-2
Reviewer: Maura



Ariana and Andreus are descendents of spacefarers that landed on their world and then were stranded there.  The two cultures that evolved from those spacefarers are now strangers to each other.

Ariana is an Aerotaun. Her people live on the top levels of the Dwelling and have built wings that they use to fly and enjoy the winds and sky.  Andreus is a Marimar.  His people live in the lower levels of the Dwelling and have taken to a life where the sea provides what they need.  What will happen when they meet without their peers around?

Taboo is a terrific tale of two people who overcome their fear and misgivings to discover they are more alike than different.  As Ariana and Andreus grow to know each other and fall in love, sharing their insights and the supposed truths they were taught from childhood.  Characters I really cared about, hot sex and a great world make this an excellent book.

My only disappointment in Taboo is that the story stopped where it did.  Although I did get my happily-ever-after, I felt there was so much more story that could be told.  Maybe Iíll be lucky and Jordanna will write a sequel.


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