Summon the Masters by Madeleine Oh,
Jennifer Dunne, and Dominique Adair

Elloraís Cave
Paranormal / Light Bondage / BDSM / Anthology
ISBN 978141990761
Reviewed by Amelia



Interlude by Madeleine Oh

Submissive Alex Carpenter has come to Wales to look after her auntís cottage while sheís in India.  Alex is a writer and is looking forward to spending some time in the countryside, especially after she meets lawyer Dai Hughes.

Dai helps Alex settle into the cottage.  He wonders if Alex is the perfect counterpart to his dominant side.

Alex starts having fantastic dreams about a wonderfully dominant lover.  The dreams are so realistic, that she wonders if they are real.  Then Dai shows her a spring under the house from which Morgaine le Fay was said to draw her powers.  Then the real fun begins.

Interlude is a fantastic tale that sent my submissive traits into overdrive.  I fell in love with Dai, who was perfect in every way.  The story contained just the right mixture of magic and sensuality.  Interlude is a keeper to read over and over!


The Cajun by Dominique Adair

Rachel Thierry is traveling to her parentsí house when her car becomes disabled.  She walks for a while, and then finds a cabin that she knows belongs to an older woman who has since passed away.  She takes shelter in the cabin, and wonders as she does if it now belongs to the womanís relative, whom Rachel has always has a crush on.

Etienne Broussard is on his way to New Orleans when he sees Rachelís car.  He goes looking for the driver, but doesnít find her.  When he realizes heís not going to make it to New Orleans, he goes back to his cabin, and finds Rachel in his bed.

The two longtime friends realize that feelings change as people grow older.  Rachel wants to be dominated, and Etienne wants to be the man to do it.

The Cajun is a hot, rollicking tale of two people thrown together, literally.  I loved watching the interplay between Rachel and Etienne as they reminisced about their childhood and learned about themselves as adults.  A little bit of Cajun magic helps to spice up the story


Life Sentence by Jennifer Dunne

Samantha Taylor has given up her career and her home to help care for her ill mother.  One day, while shopping in a used bookstore while her mother is at the doctorís office, she comes across a book of erotic drawings.  When she gets it home, she releases a gorgeous Italian Master who wants her to submit to him.

Giacomo Bravetti is damned to the service of Master Dante after he sought vengeance for the death of his brother.  The only way to be released is to give ultimate pleasure to the woman who summons him from the book.  What they both will learn is that each personís idea of ultimate pleasure varies.

Life Sentence is a very inventive, very interesting story.  I loved both Sam and Giacomo and the way they played off each other.  This story is very emotional and very engaging.


Summon The Masters is a fantastic anthology with three very talented authors.  If you love the idea of submitting to a Master, then this book is the one for you.  I highly recommend these tales.


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