Spirited by Sheri Gilmore, Cynnara Tregarth, and Jeigh Lynn
Loose Id
Erotic Anthology
ISBN: 978-1-59632-351-3
Reviewed by Georgia



A Woman’s Offering by Sheri Gilmore

Drifting listlessly through life after the sudden and unexpected death of her young daughter, Anna is only shocked into awareness when she discovers her husband with his lover.  She flees her house and goes to the one place that feels like home…the resting place of her baby girl.  There in San Antonio during los dias de los muertos, the days of the dead festival, Anna meets a compelling young man claiming to be a god. He offers her the chance to face her fears and give her what she wants more than anything else…another child.  Is she strong enough to face the challenge and take what she truly wants?

A Woman’s Offering is an intriguing tale of Anna’s love for her child, the pain of her loss and the journey she makes to find life again.  When she meets Tez, a man with strange powers who wants to help her, she is drawn to him, yet also fearful of the power that emanates from him.  Until now, Anna has lived her life for others and only with this man’s help does she discover that there is more to life and love than what she has experienced.  A Woman’s Offering is complex, confusing and captivating.  It draws you in by describing Anna’s pain and confusion and keeps your attention with the unusual experiences she has while on her journey of discovery including her sexual awakening.  A Woman’s Offering is a remarkable story and one you’ll want to read again and again.


Match Game: Ghost Style by Cynarra Tregarth

With the death of their friend and unofficial leader of their “family”, Shari organizes the annual Dumb Supper on the dia de los muertos.  The unusual beings who are her friends – a witch, vampire, werewolf and a sidhe in addition to her own psychic abilities – still need a chance to mourn.  When Manny returns as a ghost, only she and Ben, Manny’s best friend, can see him and hear his request…to quit fighting the feelings they have for each other. 

Although Shari is willing to try for a different type of relationship, Ben is fearful of losing the wonderful friendship they already have. Only with Manny’s ghostly matchmaking will they be able to face their fears and find true peace.

Match Game: Ghost Style is a story of acceptance.  Both Shari and Ben must learn to accept the death of their friend as well as the feelings they have for each other.  Luckily, they have Manny’s ghost to help guide them through the pain of his loss as well as learning to see what is before them and taking the opportunity that is before them.  Ms. Tregarth uses an unusual setting with very appropriate names to showcase different characters with such realistic and human insecurities.


Moon: Vida, Amor y La Luna by Jeigh Lynn

Meeting her cousin’s fiancée and her family in a cemetery would only be appropriate on the dia de los muertos.  Meeting the two men perfect for her on that day could only be fate.  Although she never imagined that she could be so strongly attracted to not just one but two men, Sarah knows as soon as she sees Emilio and Michael that that is exactly the case.  These two are werewolves and in a strange twist are mates.  Yet after a disastrous sexual experimentation as youngsters, neither will acknowledge their status. Instead, they joke and act as best friends. As Sarah gets to know the two werewolves, she soon realizes that she needs both men to be truly happy. 

Somehow things seem to work perfectly for Sarah and Emilio.  Now if they can convince Michael and ignore the condemnation of Sarah’s family, they might just find a love that none of them can ignore.

Jeigh Lynn’s Moon: Vida, Amor y La Luna is a surprising story of two men and the woman who makes them realize their destiny.  As werewolves, they and all of their family know that they are born to be mates.  Yet the treatment they received as young boys from their fathers has stunted the expression of their feelings for each other.  Only with Sarah’s generosity and willingness to fight for both men do they finally discover a way to express their need and feelings for each other.  Moon: Vida, Amor y La Luna is well written and that the emotions from all three are shown in a way that is beautiful and natural.


The three stories in Spirited center around dia de los muertos and how the spirits work in mysterious ways to give us what we truly want and need.


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