Special Delivery by Marie Rochelle
Published by Ocean Mist Press
Contemporary / IR
ISBN: 1-934057-65-7
Reviewed by Michelle



Layla Reynolds is a twenty something business woman who is feeling lonely with the approaching holiday season.  She loves her job, except for her boss, Preston Scott.  She feels the recently divorced man is a bastard for making everyone work through the holidays.  Preston abruptly gives most of the employees 2 weeks off over the holidays, but asks Layla to stay and work as his administrative assistant.

Preston is hoping that working closely with the sexy Layla will help him get over his attraction so he can concentrate on getting back together with his ex-wife.  Layla is surprised at her attraction to her boss, but feels she can keep it under control for the 2 weeks working from his house.  Both try and deny the pull of their mutual attraction, but the strength of it quickly wears down their resistance.

Special Delivery is a good light holiday read although a little more polishing would have helped smooth out the flow of the story.  Overall Special Delivery is a good Christmas romance.


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