Sopdet by Isabella Jordan
Egyptian Lover, Book 2
Changeling Press
ISBN (10): 1-59596-325-1 (13): 978-1-59596-325-3
Reviewed by Amelia



Carson Bonham, recent Ph.D, has come to Egypt for several reasons.  One is to work on an archeological site.  The other is to try and make some sense about what happened to a relative of hers back in the 1920s, who traveled to Egypt and was never seen again.

Sopdet is a vampire, cursed by Set to be one of the damned because of Sopdetís service to Osiris. Since then, Sopdet has lived many centuries.  Carsonís strength and beauty have caught his attention.

While Carson and her expedition are working in Karnack, danger strikes.  Masked riders attack the group and Sopdet saves Carson and warns her that they need to leave the area.  But Carson is strong-willed and doesnít heed his warning.  Will she survive another attack, or will Sopdet save her again?

Sopdet, the second book in the Egyptian Lover series, is a study in the battle of wills.  Both Carson and Sopdet are strong characters, who think they know what is best.  Watching their interaction is very entertaining.

The bond between the two is very strong, and readers will enjoy watching Carson come to terms with the new things she learns.  Sopdet is a great addition to the Egyptian Lover series.


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