Sometimes Murphy Wins by Cassidy McKay
Silk’s Vault
ISBN 1-934055-86-7
Reviewed by Amelia



Trina Sackette has a problem.  She has two kindly but deceased aunts who want to see her happily settled down.  The meddling sisters want to find her just the right man.  In the hopes of doing so they make contact with several candidates and send them her way.  But someone else wants to interfere in Trina’s love life too: Murphy, from the famous "Murphy’s Law”.  And for every man the aunts’ discover Murphy pushes his own candidate for Trina’s love.

Jarett Marlin is the new superintendent in Trina’s building.  When she loses an unusual item down the bathroom sink she calls him in to help.  And things heat up.  But Trina rejects him and continues to be bombarded with men sent to her by the aunts.

But Jarett proves useful when the aunts’ meddling proves disastrous.  And Trina finds out that he’s not such a bad guy after all.

Sometimes Murphy Wins is a lighthearted romp that explores how another person’s, or in this case persons, interfering can cause problems for all involved.  I enjoyed the way Trina handled each man the aunts threw her way, standing up for herself even if it did cost her a few things in the process. And Jarett is a hot hero.

Readers who enjoy paranormal stories will love Sometimes Murphy Wins.


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