Sex and the South Beach Chicas by Caridad Pineiro
Down Town Press
Sensual Contemporary Romance
ISBN 1-4165-1488-0
Reviewed by Nannette



Victoria Rodriguez, Sylvia Amenabar, Juliana Marquez, and Adriana Martinez are best friends. 

Tori is madly in love with Gil, but her demanding family and her job are making things hard for them.  Sylvia is headstrong and very pessimistic about men.  When she finds a potential Mr. Right, he just might be Mr. Very Wrong.  Juliana and Adriana own a hotel/restaurant together.  Adriana takes care of the business end and Juli is the chef.  Juli wishes she had more self-confidence and was as beautiful as her three best friends, then maybe she could find the perfect man.  Also, her mami doesnít know she co owns the business with Adriana, she believes she just works in the kitchen, and Juli letís her believe it.

Adriana is always in control and her life and is very organized, right down to her friendship with Riley.  They have known each other since they were children.  She sometimes wonders what it would be like if they were more than just friends, but when Riley announces that heís thinking of asking his girlfriend Rebecca to marry him, Adriana thinks she may have lost the only man she has ever loved.

I wished I knew more Spanish after reading Sex and the South Beach Chicas! These four Latin beauties had me laughing, crying and wanting to be their friend.  They are loyal and passionate about all of their relationships.  The anticipation of how each womanís story would turn out is great.  One of the women is still unsure at the end, but for the rest there is a pretty good sense of closure.  Sex and the South Beach Chicas is a fun, sexy and very entertaining story.


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