Sex and Sexuality by Willa Okati
Samhain Publishing
Gay Erotic Romance (M/M)
ISBN: 1-59998-176-9
Reviewed by Tera



Quinn has just been hired to work at a small university. He’s arranged to live in a faculty dorm with a roommate, but he’s been told his new roommate is a little “unorthodox.” Quinn cringes at the thought, considering the time and energy he’s put into being as orthodox as the come—despite the past he used to live. But when he finds out Billy is gay, and Quinn is attracted to him, the foundation he’s built his character on starts to crumble. Can his almost-fiancee , Melissa, help him stay on the straight and narrow? Or will his desire for Billy win out.

Billy knows he wants Quinn from the moment he sets eyes on him when the two men move into the faculty dorm. All he has to do is make Quinn realize he wants the same thing as Billy. But can he do that with the controlling fiancée always invading Quinn’s thoughts?

Sex & Sexuality was a great read. Billy’s character was hard to get used to at first, but after I began to see what he was really about, I liked him a lot. I loved watching Quinn grow. He changed so much in the story and it was a joy to watch his metamorphosis. But Melissa, oh wow—absolutely hated her. At times I wished she were actually a tangible person so I could wring her neck for being such a controlling bitch. But I’m guessing that’s exactly what Willa was going for when she penned the character. 


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