Sealed Vows by Lia Connor
Hands of Fate series, book 4
Changeling Press
Paranormal, Action/Adventure
ISBN 1-59596-254-9
Reviewed by Sharon



Erin and her “boys,” the twin Selkies, Devon and Damon, are back again for a final confrontation with War Dogs.  Erin madly loves the twins and wants to help them recover their skins so they may return home.  But if they are successful, will Erin ever see the twins again?

Damon and Devon are devoted to Erin but afraid of her reaction once she learns that she is now a halfling – more than a woman, but less than a seal.  Will she turn her back on them once she learns what has happened to her?

Sealed Vows wraps up the wild and lascivious adventures of Erin, Damon and Devon.  This review is a little hard to write because the author assumes, rightfully I suppose, that you have read the other books in the series, so not much background information is supplied.  I imagine the character development and plot evolved over the other three books.  But I loved the relationship the three share and enjoyed the story even though I was lost at times.  This is a good read but I recommend you read the other stories first to fully enjoy Sealed Vows.


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