Romancing the Geek by Terry Odell
The Wild Rose Press
Contemporary Romance
Reviewed by Katherine



Brad Hewitt is a geek to the core.  He’d much rather spend his days engrossed in the work he loved than socializing and worrying about moving up the corporate ladder.  Brad also didn’t understand why anyone could be taken in by the overly commercialized holiday of Valentine’s Day.

Being hired by Wilson and Wilkes Toys would have been a dream come true for Stephanie Brinks, except that she wasn’t hired as a designer, she was working as a typist.  At least it was a job.  Having to temporarily share an office with a boorish geek was just a “perk” she’d put up with until space on her floor was available.

After Brad realizes that he needs some coaching with speaking to a lady, he decides that Stephanie is the best person to help.  After all, she’s a woman, and he finds her easy to talk to. 

Romancing the Geek is perfectly titled.  There is no better way to describe Brad than to call him a geek.  He’s at his best when working on his programming.  Brad knows Stephanie’s the perfect person to help him overcome some of his inhibitions when dealing with women, but soon they each realize that they are perfect for each other.  I fell in love with Romancing the Geek and enjoyed watching Stephanie’s training of Brad; his attempts and triumphs were entertaining.  I look forward to more stories by Terry Odell.


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