Redemption by Morgan Leshay
LBF Books
Historical Romance
ISBN 978-0975453384
Reviewed by Nannette



Devlin Montaign, Viscount Syndale, is visiting the monastery he hopes to acquire as the future home of Syndale Hall.  He is informed that in order to obtain the monastery, he must marry the woman known as St. Valentine’s Angel.  Devlin, who is known as Lord Syn for his rakish ways, is not pleased until he sets eyes on the “angel” herself.

Sweet Tian wants Devlin desperately, so she created the ruse to make him marry her. It works, but Devlin feels he is unworthy of his virtuous and angelic wife.  While Tian and Devlin struggle with their feelings, someone is out to kill Tian.

Redemption is an enchanting romance.  Tian's ethereal beauty and lovely disposition make her indeed appear to be an angel and Devlin is certainly sinfully seductive rogue.  The almost magical way Devlin fell for Tian is very romantic. I question Devlin's choice of friends in Merrick, but aside from that, Redemption is a heart-warming story mixed with danger and drama. 


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