Redemption by James Buchanan
Torquere Press
M/M Single Shot
Reviewed by Cassie



Anael is an angel who lost his faith in the system and as a result must spend eternity prosecuting souls in the courts that determine their eternal fates.  Heís beginning a typical case prosecuting a man who shot his wife when he meets the defense counsel, the idealistic Zach.  They are both determined to win the case, but Anael finds himself distracted by the passionate, undeniably attractive opposition. 

Redemption was a very enjoyable tale.  Anael is cynical and sarcastic, yet funny and sympathetic.  Iím not usually a fan of first-person narrative, but I found myself laughing aloud several times at Anaelís narration.  Zach is passionate, determined, and sweetóitís easy to see why Anael is distracted by him.  Redemption is highly recommended to anyone who likes angels, courtroom drama, or m/m in general.  I will definitely be reading more of James Buchananís work in the future!  


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