Red Heart Bowl by Bobby Michaels
Loose Id
LGBT Erotic Contemporary
ISBN: 978-1-59632-403-9
Reviewed by Cassie



Dan and Mike grew up together and were always best friends.  As they grow older, Dan realizes heís in love with Mike.  He doesnít think Mike feels the same way and they go on separate paths.  In the Marines, Dan learns to be comfortable with being gay, while Mike goes off to college.  They spend a week together as lovers, but Mike canít handle the thought of being labeled as gay. 

Later, Mike becomes a star quarterback in the NFL.  He invites Dan, who is now a teacher and football coach at their old high school, to spend a weekend with him in New York City.  Will Dan finally get what heís always wantedóMikeís love?

 Red Heart Bowl is a very emotional story.  Dan was a believable and likeable narrator.  I could really feel the depth of his love for Mike and his sorrow when they couldnít be together.  As the story is written in first person, it was more difficult to get to know the character of Mike.  He seemed immature and insensitive at times and I found myself getting annoyed with his actions.  Despite this, I always read on because of Danís compelling narration.  If you like Marines and hot, down-and-dirty sex with lots of emotion, then Red Heart Bowl is for you.


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