Ralabos by Toni L. Meilleur
Cobblestone Press
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 978-1-60088-061-2
Reviewed by Georgia



Ralabos and his people traveled around the universe discovering new worlds and people. When they came to Earth, they were mistaken for gods and were worshiped by humans.  Knowing that encouraging the worship would enslave the humans, Ralabos began a quest to put a stop to it.  But others of his kind did not want to give up the adulation of humans and struck at the powerful Ralabos in the only way that would truly harm himÖ by killing his wife.  Putting plans in motion to discover her at her rebirth, Ralabos goes to sleep in his Earth tomb, waiting for his one true love.

Centuries later, Dr. Rene Selkis is lured to Egypt on a pretense.  There she meets some rather strange people and sets into motion the spell that awakens Ralabos.  Can this magnificent god convince Rene to accept the intense attraction they feel for each other and the fact that they were once lovers before the evil that once killed her resurfaces?

Toni Meilleurís Ralabos shows an intriguing take on the ancient gods of Egypt as well as a tale of love so strong it survives death, separation and centuries of time.  The love that Ralabos has for Rene is heartfelt and real but also a bit overwhelming for the previously chaste Rene.  In Ralabos, Rene has to come to terms with the changes in her life very quickly while at the same time try to understand the strange and unusual beings that she has recently met.  At times Ralabos is domineering and almost condescending but itís a little easier to swallow once you realize itís because of the fact that he has not had contact with humans since the ancient times.  The attraction between these two is intense and truly scorching. It also becomes another bone of contention between them as Rene must decide if Ralabos truly wants her or the woman he thinks she is.  If you enjoy a sizzling hot tale with intense emotion and an interesting story, then Ralabos is for you.


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