One Owner, Lady Driven by Alice Gaines
Changeling Press
ISBN (10) 1-59596-597-1 (13) 978-1-59596-597-4
Reviewed by Amelia



CEO Claire Wilcox has control over everything in her life, or so she thinks.  When she sees something she wants, she goes after it.  That’s why she spends a little more than a million dollars on a 1957 Mannhof four-cylinder touring motorcycle, the bike she’s always dreamed of owning.  The motorcycle is decorated with the painting of a very gorgeous man.

What Claire doesn’t know is that Mannhof made the motorcycle specifically for her.  The motorcycle is sentient, and can change into an absolutely gorgeous man named Will, who takes Claire for the ride of her life, in more ways than one.

One Owner, Lady Driven, is a unique, well-crafted story that teaches a lesson in life and love.  Claire has surrounded herself with the finer things in life and left herself empty in the human department.  Will helps her correct that problem in a very interesting, very intense way.

I thoroughly enjoyed, and highly recommend, this story.


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