On the Edge by Kallysten
Alinar Publishing
Erotic Vampire/Menage
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Brett Andrews has been living with and loving Lisa for almost a year.  He adores watching her stalk prey in which to feed when she goes to their club downstairs.  Tonight is no different, except Lisa brings her prey home and Brett finds out he is a vampire as well. 

Lisa adores Brett, more so than any other man in a very long time.  When she sees Leo at the club, she can’t help but bring him upstairs.  Lisa has a plan. She knows Brett’s secret desires and has one of her own.

On the Edge kept me on the edge that is for sure. Delightfully erotic, I found Brett’s attraction to Leo just downright arousing.  Lisa knew what she wanted and was not afraid to reach for her dreams.  Ménages are one of my favorite types of books to read and On the Edge was just the perfect read for me. Full of sensuality, it left me satisfied. 


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