Not Her Mr. Right by Rachel Carrington
Forbidden Publications
Contemporary Romance
Reviewed by Katherine



Emma Slade had decided to find a man.  Most of her siblings are married, and her parents seemed to think that life won’t be complete until they’re all married.  That boded poorly for her and her brother Brady, but especially her since she was a female.  She needed a man.  Didn’t she want children?  Emma had heard it all before, but she knew the truth.  Although many may like her, she was what they referred to as “full-figured”, and perfect as a friend.  There were men who had asked her out and she was finally going to say yes.

That was, until she met Jake Ryder.  He was the epitome of how a lawyer should not appear.  From his clothing, to his long hair and his earring, Jake had the “bad-boy biker” look down pat.  Just one meeting was enough to make Emma know that he was definitely not the man for her.  Although he claimed to want her, and was very attentive, there was the fact of her weight.  There was no way that Jake could truly desire her.  She was not a man’s fantasy.

Tell that to Jake.  From the moment he laid eyes on Emma, Jake wanted her.  He would not choose a bony woman when he could fill his hands with Emma’s lush curves.  Although her weight was perfect for him and Emma claimed to be accepting of who she was, it was obvious that Emma wasn’t.  She had issues.  It would take all of Jake’s persistence to overcome Emma’s resistance, but he knew he was up to the challenge.

Not Her Mr. Right is about a heroine trying her hardest not to accept her Mr. Right.  Not Her Mr. Right is very enjoyable; especially with the interference of her family and Brady’s laments about his siblings was always a refreshing break.  Rachel Carrington continues to write romances that touch her readers.  Emma may say that she accepts her body, but she doesn’t.  Until she can fully love herself, she can’t acknowledge that Jake loves her.  It was wonderful to watch her growth, her acceptance, and their love.


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