Natural Disaster by Chris Owen
Torquere Press
Contemporary Gay Erotic Romance
ISBN: 978-1934166635
Reviewed by Cassie



Jake and Tor have purchased the ranch they’d worked on for years and are just settling into the added responsibility of being the bosses when they get terrible news.  Jake’s sister, ‘Lissa, has been killed in a car accident.  Jake is deeply saddened by the news and surprised to find ‘Lissa’s will gives guardianship of her son, Jacob, to him and Tor.  Will Jake and Tor continue to pull together during the difficult changes they face?

Natural Disaster is the sequel to Bareback.  I enjoyed revisiting Jake and Tor, as well as some of the other characters from the first book.  Tor’s caring for Jake as he goes through an emotional crisis was lovely to read and just like in the first book, their physical connection is intense.  Chris Owen has penned an emotional and well-written story with Natural Disaster.  It’s a very different kind of story than Bareback, which had me bawling through the last part of the book, but like a visit from an old friend, this book left me with a warm feeling.  If you enjoyed the first installment of Jake and Tor’s story and would like to see how their relationship developed, pick Natural Disaster up!


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