My Shadow, My Love by Sharon Horton
Cerridwen Press
Contemporary Romance
ISBN 1-4199-0678-X
Reviewed by Nannette



Cassie Dahlgren is a rookie police officer.  Because of cutbacks, Cassie has been working in Luther Carstairsí racing stable until she can get assigned to the police force.  While there she witnessed a murder while the District Attorney looked on.  Cassie goes to a tech team for help they keep witnesses of crimes safe.  Rick Jarrett is part of the Tech Team. 

Rick and Cassie fall for each other, but even with their happiness surrounding them, Cassie is still in danger.

My Shadow, My Love is a fast paced book. A lot happens in this story. Although the plot is interesting, the characters donít have a lot of depth.  Cassie and Rick are very sweet with each other and their tale is heartwarming though.


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