My Lady’s Will by Marjorie Jones
Champagne Books
Historical Romance
ISBN 1897261659
Reviewed by Jen



Sir William Barnett, handsome and virile, finds the ward he thought was a child is actually a full-grown woman.  Worse, a beautiful woman and he must fight his attraction to her.  Lady Prudence does not wish to marry anyone and takes every evasive action she can to avoid both him and marriage.

Both are torn by the force of the growing attraction between them, which is outweighed only by their fear of capitulation.  Will they ever reach a happy conclusion?

Ms. Jones tells My Lady’s Will with verve and energy.  There is historical detail aplenty and yet I was never sure of the century in which the story is placed.  Time and again I was drawn out of the tale by the use of very modern dialogue peppered with medieval touches.  If this does not worry you, then you will enjoy the dashing escapades of these two young people.


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