Missing in Action by Amanda Young
MIA series, book 1
Samhain Publishing
Paranormal Romance
ISBN: 1-59998-442-3
Reviewer: Melissa



Sara has tried to put her life back together since the love of her life had been killed while stationed overseas.  She’s trying to make a home for their son, a son Tristan died without even knowing about.  She’s engaged to be married and while she’s not over Tristan, she’s trying to move on.  When Sara is out with her friends and catches a glimpse of a man she’s sure is Tristan, she can’t let herself believe.

Tristan had no choice but to let Sara believe that he was dead.  After being mortally wounded, he was drafted by the Supernatural Control Squad (SCS) and forced to leave all he loved behind.  When a serial killer threatens Sara, he is thrown back into her life and the life of the son he never knew he had.  But when the danger is over, how will Tristan walk out of Sara’s life again?

Paranormal?  Back from the dead?  A son he never knew he had?  Missing in Action was just the kind of book I was looking for!  As soon as it arrived I dove in, but by the end of first chapter I knew that I was in trouble.  While Missing in Action has an attention grabbing storyline, it leaves a lot to be desired when it comes to emotional satisfaction and true sensuality.  Missing in Action is loaded with sex, in fact that seems to be the main focus of the story, how many different sexual situations could be done before the end of the book.  At one point I truly expected to hear cheesy porno music.  I love sexy scenes in a romance, but I need more than sex to keep me turning pages.  I need the emotional connection that the hero and heroine have to make me want to keep reading.  Readers who are looking for sexual titillation will find it in the pages of Missing in Action, but those who are looking for romance will do well to give it a pass.


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