Lush by Sasha White
Kensington Aphrodisia
Erotic Single Author Anthology
ISBN: 0758215487; 9780758215482
Reviewed by Georgia



The Principles of Lust

Inspiration comes from unusual places, so when Teal Jamison first saw the erotic photo, she knew exactly what she wanted to do.  Starting her own erotic art gallery from the ground up is a daunting prospect, especially for someone without an art background.  Still, Teal has always known what she wants and pursues it with a single-minded determination that more often than not gets her exactly that.  Now, she wants finish carpenter Zach Dillon.

Although sexually attracted to Teal, Zach isn’t sure she’s the right woman for him.  He likes his women a bit more submissive and willing to give up some control.  Yet, when Teal begins her pursuit, he can no longer deny the feelings he has for her.  Will he be able to show her that sometimes giving up control is exactly what they both need?


Passion Play

When they meet, Mia and Dominick Jamison are both at crossroads in their lives concerning their careers.  Their meeting, a collision in the park, is as unexpected and explosive as Mia’s personality.  The attraction is immediate, and when they see each other again later that night, neither wants to deny it.  They agree to a sex-only relationship but soon it becomes much more. 

Mia and Dominick must decide on the paths for both their careers and their relationship.  Although Mia was the one who initially wanted a sex-only relationship, she pushes Dominick to reveal and follow his dreams.  Did she push too hard or will it bring them closer?  Dominick cares for Mia and wants to help her be successful as well.  Will asking his sister, Teal, to look at Mia’s jewelry be something that pushes her away?


Sexual Healing

Caitlyn Ellis never expected to meet the perfect man for her while acting as a model for her best friend Mia’s handmade jewelry. As soon as she sees photographer Jack Lowell, she knows he’s the one.  Even with his muddied aura, she instinctively knows it and knows she was meant to help heal him.  Now, if she can only convince this closed-off, obviously hurting man that she’s perfect for him…

Jack takes what Caitlyn so generously offers after the photo shoot and enjoys it immensely.  He can’t get her out of his mind but knows nothing can come of it.  His past has colored his view of life and now he’s just living day by day, trying to forget.  So why does he open himself to this strange, yet sexual woman?  Will he allow her in or push her away?


Sasha White’s Lush is filled with fantastic characters and their stories of love and lust.  Connected through the erotic art gallery, these couples are all different and face different challenges.  What I really enjoyed was that each story within Lush is compelling and sensual, and the fact that each couple is searching for something.  I enjoyed Teal and Zach’s search for control in love and dominance, Mia and Dominick’s quest to discover just what they need in their careers and partners, and Caitlyn and Jack’s search for belief in good in the world and each other.  And of course intertwined in all that searching is some sizzling hot sexual encounters that will keep you coming back for more from Ms. White.


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