Loverís Brew by Dana Littlejohn
Amira Press
Interracial Contemporary
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Summer Washington canít believe that her boss is forcing her to attend a Valentineís Day party for work.  Since Summer has no current relationship whatsoever, she is not big on attending a party that is especially made for lovers.  But, in order to appease her boss, Summer reluctantly makes her way to the party.  As soon as she arrives at the party, Summer is approached by a handsome stranger that immediately set her soul on fire. He introduces himself as Peter Cook.  Before she knows it, Summer is swept off her feet by Peterís captivating magnetismÖ and the bartenderís Loverís Brew mix doesnít help matters. 

After spending a wonderful, lustful adventure with Peter in his room, Summer became worried that she might lose her job because of ignoring her duties.  Will her boss be a forgiving man, and more importantly, will Peter want more than a one-night stand?

Loverís Brew is a charming, romantic story where two people meet and instant attraction sparks hotly between them regardless of their racial differences.  The sexual chemistry between Summer and Peter developed at a sudden, explosive, hot pace.  This beguiling plot moved at a swift pace, so much so, that I was able to complete this story in one short setting.  With Valentineís Day as the theme for Loverís Brew, you can bet your bottom dollar that you are in for a sweet, affectionate romantic escapade with an exciting couple that will leave you breathless with flaming desire.  I took great pleasure in reading Loverís Brew and I am sure that you will enjoy it also.


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