Laithe’s Pride by Jade Buchanan
The Felidae, Book One
Changeling Press
Paranormal, Sci-Fi
ISBN (10): 1-59596-627-7 (13): 978-1-59596-627-8
Reviewed by Amelia



Rowan Brandt is having a bad day.  She’s overslept and is late for her dentist appointment.  That in turn makes her late for work and she’s forced to work overtime.  By the time she drags herself home she’s wondering what it’s all about.  The last thing she expects is to find a group of men staring at her.

Laithe wants a mate, but he knows that with men outnumbering women ten to one, that the chances of him finding one are slim.  Then he senses Rowan, and the pain she feels in the dentist chair.  He and his pride-mates go to rescue her so that he can claim her as his mate.

Rowan is intrigued by the huge catman who has come into her life.  He’s a great way to turn around her otherwise unlucky love life.  Then she finds out that because of the lack of females he wants to share her with his pride.  First and foremost among the pride is Fahd, who has loved Laithe for a long time.  Will Rowan accept Laithe as her mate, and accept Fahd as well?

Laithe’s Pride, the first book in The Felidae series, is a fascinating novel set in a new and creative world. I loved the emotion between Laithe and Rowan.  The addition of Fahd only adds to the heat level in this already hot book.

Ms. Buchanan has set things up nicely for a series of books about The Felidae that is sure to entertain and excite us for some time.  I highly recommend Laithe’s Pride.


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