Kissin’ In The Moonlight by Beverly Rae
The Still Sexy Ladies Guide to Dating Immortals series
Triskelion Publishing
Erotic Paranormal Shape-shifter
ISBN: 1-933874-76-7
Reviewed by Nikita Steele



Mickale Morgan has finally heard the calling of his mate.  Now, all he has to do is find her.  Mickale never thought that he would literally run into her during a minor treadmill accident at his health club.  But, once he caught wind of Sydney Skeller’s alluring scent, Mickale knows she is the one who had howled to him.  The attraction between them is intense and instant, so much so that Mickale immediately marks Sydney as his mate. 

Sydney Skeller is a teacher by trade and she loves reading books, so when she finds an ancient book, she just has to take it home to discover what it entails.  As it turns out, the old, mysterious book is a guide on how to summon and maintain a relationship with your special immortal being. Hah!  Everyone knows that immortals are not real - well, with the exception of werewolves, of course.  Sydney was raised in a family of werewolf slayers and her father is determined to bring her into the hunting circle regardless of how she feels about it. 

No matter how hard she tries, Sydney can’t seem to ignore “The Guide Book”.  So, Sydney, with the support of her girlfriends, decides to follow the instructions from the book by calling upon her immortal dream mate.  ‘Lo and behold – it worked!  Her mate is no other than Mickale Morgan.  Will Sydney be able to uphold a peacefully balanced life between her new mate and her werewolf hunting family?

I found Kissin’ In The Moonlight to be a very humorous and suspenseful read.  The plot was an amazingly funny, adventurous teaser with a mixture of super-hot sex.  The sentiments of love, passion, and danger were well-built characteristics within this novel. From start to finish, I was taken from one emotion to the next – from relentlessly bowing over with laughter one minute, to being caught up in the rapture of intense, heated desire or biting my nails eager to see how Sydney and Mickale would handle their numerous dangerous situations.  The magnificent chemistry between the couple, the countless comical relief from the secondary characters, along with an easy flow of words made Kissin’ In The Moonlight an appealing tale that was hard to put down.


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