Juliana by Adelle Laudan
Forbidden Publications
Contemporary Romance
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Juliana has spent the last seven years a prisoner in her own home, abused and almost broken.  Told by authorities that her husband, Gary, has died, Juliana refuses to believe that he is dead until hours later when she dials the one number she has remembered for seven years.  Unable to believe that she is finally talking to her sister, Juliana asks Cyndi if she could come to get her.  Cyndi doesnít hesitate and Julianaís healing begins.

What a powerful and absolutely gut wrenching story this is.  If Gary hadnít been already been dead, I would have wanted to kill him myself.  Juliana, for all the abuse she suffered, is one of the strongest heroines I can imagine.  I love how she healed and made a new life for herself.  Especially since she found happiness. 

Parts of Juliana made me wince and parts made me smile.  Not for the faint of heart at times, I even almost had to stop for the tears in my eyes.  I thought the author handled the healing process realistically and tastefully.  I would enjoy reading more from this author. 


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