Jasonís Reckoning by Merry Phillips
BDSM, Menage (F/M/F)
ISBN: 1-59426-938-6
Reviewed by Tera



When Janice finds out her husband, Jason, is cheating on her with another woman, sheís furious. She vows to get revenge on this woman and immediately starts pondering her plan of attack. But when she spies on the woman to see what sheís up against, her thoughts of revenge soon dissipate. Could she be attracted to Sherry as well?

Jason didnít intend to have an affair behind Janiceís back. In fact, what he wants most is to have Sherry and Janice together, heís just never known how to broach the subject with either. He loves both of them equally, so whatís he supposed to do?

When Sherry gets a surprise visit from Jasonís wife, sheís shocked. Will she be able to do what Janice asks of her?

Jasonís Reckoning was a good read, though the details of whether or not the three main characters lived in the same town or not confused me throughout the story. Did Sherry live somewhere else? There were talks of Jason going out of town, but if thatís so, how could Janice so easily spy on her? Overall the story was great with a twist I wasnít expecting.


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