Janna's Werewolf by Fawn Lowery
eXtasy Books
ISBN: 1-55410-753-9
Reviewed by Michelle



Janna Marlow is a feisty reporter for Madison's Daily News, and has finally gotten a break from more society page assignments.  The new assignment maybe in sports, not her cup of tea, but what is right up her alley is Rick Sawyer, a hunky and scrumptious tennis star who also happens to be a werewolf.  Janna may not embrace her Were heritage but as she is approaching her "Moon Phase" the attraction is irresistible.

Their passionate mating is disrupted by the serial murders that begin taking place in Madison.  This shakes up Janna as she covered what seem to be identical murders in her hometown of Dover Run, six months ago.  It appears the serial killer (a Were), who made threatening phone calls and a death threat to Janna, has followed her, despite her name and location change.  Janna's hormones are running hot and heavy, and it is hard for her to decide if Rick Sawyer or Nick Austin, the werewolf sent by her father to guard her, are just hot and sexy werewolves vying for her attention, or could one of them be the serial killer?

Fawn Lowery did a superb job writing Janna's Werewolf.  The mystery and suspense are cleverly balanced with the torrid, animalistic and all out sexy love scenes.  She is skillful at feeding you enough information to keep you on the edge of your seat guessing at who is the killer.  Just when I thought I had it pinned down, there is another little clue to give me pause.  Janna's Werewolf is one excellent steamy murder mystery with a healthy dash of erotic romance.


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