Into the Darkness by Delilah Devlin
Avon Red
Erotic Paranormal Vampire
ISBN: 0061161233; 978-0-06-116123-0
Reviewed by Georgia



Natalie Lambert’s life is in turmoil.  First her parents were murdered, then her roommate, and now the world has gone crazy!  She returns to New Orleans in search of her birth mother and the killer that stalks her, but instead she is attacked by killer birds and locusts and discovers sexual desire for the first time.  Can she make any sense of things before the killer catches her too?

New Orleans Police Detective Rene Broussard knows there are things that go bump in the night… after all, his partner is a vampire!  Yet even he is shocked at the strange things that occur around Natalie.  He takes her into protective custody, but soon wonders who will protect the little innocent from his own raging desire?

Natalie’s hormones are raging and although she doesn’t understand them, she follows her instincts and sets into motion a chain of events that will change everyone’s lives.

Into the Darkness is a step into another world.  Delilah Devlin easily weaves fantasy with reality, creating something spectacular in Into the Darkness.  Natalie had no idea who or even what she was until she met up with Rene and his strange partner, Chessa Tomas.  Watching the changes she goes through was both fascinating and erotic.  She and Rene are great together and as they learn more about her needs, they also learn more about each other and their desires. I really liked seeing the progression and the growth of their feelings for each other. Into the Darkness is a fast-paced page-turner full of fantastic characters and a whole lot of sexual tension – this is one story you won’t want to miss.


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