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Game, Set…Match? by Kelsey Lewis
Part of the Best in Game Amber Pax Collection
Amber Quill Press
Contemporary/Sports & Athletes/Exhibitionism
ISBN: 978-1-59279-649-6
Reviewed by Georgia



Returning to her family’s tennis ranch is never easy for Jaime Alexander.  After all, it only brings to mind her father’s disappointment in the fact that she never went pro.  Yet, when she runs into former tennis pro Mackenzie “Mac” Garza, Jaime begins to remember the good times she had on the court and challenges Mac to a game.  The game only opens her eyes as to just how gorgeous Mac still is.  She’s up for a fling but what happens when Mac wants more?

Although he always thought of Jaime as a pretty girl, seeing her again makes him see just how beautiful and sexy the woman has become.  Competitive to the end, Mac takes Jaime up on her challenge and begins one of his own.  He’s interested in Jaime but sees the tension between her and her father.  How will Jaime react when he tells her his plans now that he’s no longer a pro?

Game, Set…Match? is a story of two tennis champs and the sparks that fly when they meet up again after several years.  Watching Jaime and Mac reconnect was fun as they both brought forth memories of when they were younger and got to know each other all over again as more mature adults.  These two are competitive, athletic and obviously passionate.  Their sexual encounters are a bit risqué and most definitely hot.  Yet, their relationship faces several obstacles with Jaime’s difficulties with her father and her almost love/hate relationship with tennis.  She and Mac must decide if the feelings they have for each other are just physical or real winners.


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