Freedomís Fire by Willa Okati
Changeling Press
Paranormal (Gay / Bisexual)
ISBN: 978-1-59596-668-1
Reviewed by Cassie



Silken, a former Courtesan, was freed by his lover Nanashi, a Nightwalker (vampire).  Itís the day that lovers celebrate Lalasa, the Goddess of the Heart, by making love.  Itís also a day for surprises, as Nanashi decides he wants Silken to teach him how to be a Courtesan so he can understand his lover better.  What else can Silken do but agree?

Freedomís Fire is a very entertaining read.  The sex scenes are hot and itís amusing to see the dominant, confident Nanashi attempting to behave like a Courtesan would.  The caring between Silken and Nanashi shines through in this tale as well, making it a definite keeper!  


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