Food for the Gods by Camille Anthony
Silkís Vault
ISBN 1-934055-71-9
Reviewed by Sharon



After the death of her father, Princess Daphne Eresteou is stripped of her royal status and reduced to being a servant to her cousin, who is now princess when her father became the new king.   Realizing that she could not leave her people behind and let them suffer the wrath of the king, Daphne stays and is subjected to cruel treatment at the hands of her family.  Her situation goes from bad to worse when it is decreed that she is to be sacrificed to the Kraken because of crimes committed by her cousin and uncle.

The Kraken inspires fear in all humans, Daphne included.  Although she does not remember it, Daphne met these three sea serpents in another form and all were quite taken with her.  Plador, Polyphemus, and Porimus are sons of Poseidon, and can shift into the Kraken form as needed.  After their earlier tasting of Daphne, they are satisfied to finally be able to consume her.

Food for the Gods lives up to its title Ė Daphne is definitely eaten by them, quite thoroughly I would say.  Daphne was a little too self-effacing for my taste, but not out of character for the setting.  Plador, Polyphemus, and Porimus could easily satisfy any woman; having all three focus their attention on her makes Daphne a very lucky woman.  But I didnít get too much insight on them and would have welcomed a longer story if I could learn more about them.  Zeus and Poseidonís short, but humorous appearances lighten up the sexually intense story.  Satisfy your cravings with Food for the Gods.


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