Fates Fulfilled by Katrina Strauss
The Eldritch Legacy Book Three
Aphrodite’s Apples
Reviewed by Amelia



The saga of the Eldritch family continues with the stories of cousins Marissa Blackwell and Devon Eldritch.

The cousins are sharing an apartment during their sojourn, two years that they have to spend without the family money.  After it is over, they can claim their inheritance as part of the family’s winery fortune.  The cousins grew up differently, and yet share some very similar traits, and enjoy life in the gothic lifestyle.

During their sojourn, Marissa meets Gareth Neville, a photographer.  After he photographs her they begin a relationship, with Marissa topping Gareth.  Through Gareth, Devon meets Celeste Dupree, a goth model who is well known in the scene.

As the two relationships progress, the couples find they are all fated to be together, and are all part of the Eldritch Legacy.

The blurb for this book says that it explores the darker side of the underground, and the darker side of man.  The book definitely lives up to the advertising.  The characters are dark, and very human.  It was interesting to watch them interact with each other, and with the world around them.

I have enjoyed all the Eldritch books, and Fates Fulfilled was no different.  It was darker than the other books, and Devon’s fascination with blood play was a little hard for me to handle at times.  But I thoroughly enjoyed the way Ms. Strauss pulled all three books together at the end of this book.  Readers who enjoy BDSM, and stories that are not sugar-coated, will enjoy this series, and its latest installment.


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