Fangs by Barbara Karmazin, Suz deMello, and Eve Vaughn
Loose Id
Erotic Vampire Anthology
ISBN: 978-1-59632-350-6
Reviewed by Georgia


 Flare Zone by Barbara Karmazin

Investigating several deaths, one of which affects an alien race, Stationmaster Maris must enlist the aid of one of the few living vampires, who also happens to be an ex-lover.  Will she be able to handle being in close proximity with the one man who made her question her single life?

Surviving the vampire virus was nothing compared to seeing Maris again, yet homicide investigator Pierce has no choice if he and Maris are to avoid an interspecies disaster.  However, when terrorists attack the station, Pierce and his special abilities may be the only thing that can save them.  Yet if he “dies”, Maris will have to destroy him or he’ll threaten the lives of everyone on board the station.


Immortal Hunters by Suz deMello

As a vampire, Rama has few occupational options, but being a private investigator allows her the freedom to work at night as well as feed from the dregs of society.  When her latest investigation puts her in direct contact with a van Helsing, she’s not sure how she feels, especially when she discovers he’s also a vampire.  On one hand she’s attracted, on the other, she’s wary.  After all, once bitten…

John van Helsing understands irony.  He is a direct descendant of the enemy of what he’s become. Yet when he meets Rama, he realizes there’s life after becoming a vampire, as long as they can survive the threat of another immortal.


Jagger’s Woman by Eve Vaughn

Although young by vampire and wizard standards, Nicolai Jagger Romanov-Grimaldi is on the verge of la morta dolci after meeting his possible mate. Janice is the daughter of his uncle’s wife and wants nothing to do with a white man, let alone a vampwiz! Will Jagger be able to convince her to give them a chance or will he become mindless with lust?

Watching her mother struggle for years in her first marriage convinced Janice that she didn’t want anything to do with a man with any kind of dominance.  Yet she can’t seem to resist Jagger especially once she realizes that Jagger’s need for her might just drive him crazy.  Will she go to him and give in to her own desires or will she let his need drive him crazy?


Anyone interested in a taste of vampires should pick up Fangs.  These three authors manage to create stories that will whet your appetite for more.  Each character is well developed and enjoyable.  Barbara Karmazin’s futuristic twist will keep you on your toes wondering what’s next while Suz deMello’s introduction of another immortal will keep you guessing.  Finally Eve Vaughn’s tale of another Grimaldi will have you looking for the other stories tied to it. 

The three stories in Fangs are all based on vampires but are all refreshingly different.  From the futuristic to the contemporary, these stories are all about vampires and the needs that drive them. 


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