Eight Arms to Hold You by Ally Blue
The Collector 4
Loose Id
LGBT Paranormal Shapeshifter
ISBN: 978-1-59632-386-5
Reviewed by Cassie



Luke Cordova is in a desperate situation.  He’s the last of his kind an unusual race of shapeshifters.  Raised by treasure hunter, Carson Cordova, after the man destroyed his family, Luke is now expected to find a crystal octopus idol his “father” has been searching for, for decades. 

Luke is injured during an attempt to locate the idol and found by Austin Bell, a diver who’s been unable to find work in the aftermath of a hurricane.  The two men feel an instant, strong connection.  Unwilling to risk Austin being hurt, Luke returns to Carson Cordova, but secretly seeks the aid of Dr. Andrew Martin, the “Collector.” 

Dr. Martin in turn enlists Austin’s help, and Austin and Luke work together from within Cordova’s organization to locate the idol to get it before Cordova does.  Their feelings for each other grow, but so does the danger they’re facing.  Will Luke and Austin find the idol in time?  And even if they do, will they survive long enough to escape the vengeful Cordova?

Although Eight Arms to Hold You is the fourth in The Collector series, this book can be read on its own.  I’m a huge fan of Ally Blue’s contemporary novels, and this book proves she has just as much skill with paranormals.  Eight Arms to Hold You is a roller-coaster ride of a book, with suspense that kept me on the edge of my seat along with the scorchingly hot love scenes.  Luke is a fascinating hero sweet and alternately strong and vulnerable.  Austin is wonderful as well.  I loved the connection between the two men and the risks they were willing to take to protect each other.  The other characters added a great deal of depth to the story, especially to the Collector and the thoroughly hateable villain.  This book is a must-read for anyone looking for a different and suspenseful shapeshifter tale.


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