Double Dare by Leigh Ellwood
Dareville Series, Book 2.5
Erotic Mťnage Contemporary Romance
ISBN 1-59426-619-0
Reviewed by Nannette



Brady Garriston and Ellie Shaw have just gotten married in Las Vegas.  Their best friends, Cal Briscoe and Sue Carmichael, witness their exchange of vows then make some of their own.  The couples set off to celebrate in a limousine together, in every way possible.

Double Dare is one outrageous and wild ride.  Brady, Ellie, Cal and Sue are very   sexually open and uninhibited people who enjoy not just their spouses but their friendís spouses as well.  As a result, I didnít find the characters in Double Dare to be endearing or the story romantic, but itís certainly very erotic.


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