Daring Young Man by Leigh Ellwood
Dareville Series, Book 3
Erotic Contemporary Romance
ISBN 1-59426-620-4
Reviewed by Nannette



Lauren McKenna is a teacher in Dareville.  She has wanted Jake Marbury for a long time and is just waiting to make her move.

Jake is a sixty year-old widower of one year.  He is still deeply saddened by the loss of his beloved wife.  Jake owns an organic market in town.  When he decides to open a second store he needs help running the first.

Lauren loses her teaching job in a scandal and decides that working for Jake will not only pay the bills but also allow her to be close to him.  Lauren knows what she wants, but Jake is confused.  Is he willing to take a second chance at love?

Daring Young Man has many moments of tenderness as well as some very steamy scenes.  Jake being constantly referred to as an older man, especially by Lauren, is not exactly sexy though.  With her swinging friends and a full sized battery operated boyfriend, Lauren is quite the wild woman, which added to her incompatibility with Jake, though the first time Lauren and Jake come together is incredibly hot.  Jake’s memories of his wife are very sweet and heart-warming.  I was pleased with the outcome of Daring Young Man, but I found the flow to be more wild and crazy than loving and passionate.


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