Clandestine Impasse by Emily Wade-Reid
Forbidden Publications
Romantic Suspense/Interracial
Reviewed by Talia Ricci



Chris Corbett is an undercover government agent.  Fronting as a lawyer with his familyís law firm, he sometimes is so deep undercover that he isnít seen for months.  Because of this, he has remained a bachelor with no ties to try and bind him.  That is, until his younger brother calls him and asks him for help.  When he arrives, he meets Villia Leon, a passionate woman that he finds he has to possess.  No matter that the only thing he can offer is no commitment. 

Villia Leon is the best friend of Chris Corbettís sister in law.  She is used to being on her own with no one to tell her what to do or check up on her.  She constantly tells herself that she does not need anyone when the opposite is more truthful. She finds herself craving Chris Corbett and while he refuses to promise her forever, a girl can dream.

Chris and Villia are explosive when together, but Chrisí frequent absences and unwillingness to explain his job keeps him and Vi at odds with each other.  Chrisí job is hazardous and he refuses to bring Vi into the danger that is his day to day life while on assignment.  When months pass and there is no word from Chris, Vi does the unthinkable. She begins to see someone else. Someone who has an agenda and that agenda isnít roses and diamonds.  Suddenly, Vi is an unknown pawn in the game of espionage of which Chris is a supposed player. 

Clandestine Impasse is a good read.  Several things within the plot made me search to think of what was going to happen next.  Many times I found myself looking for the angle that would tie part of the story in with the next.  Chris Corbett, for all his manly sexiness came across as being a bit selfish to me and more than once I wanted to be the one to kill him.  Vi, while having skin almost an inch thick, was a bit more personable.  Craving what she didnít have growing up, I found the choices she made concerning Chris and his lack of communication realistic.  I, myself, would not have been as accepting or as nice. 

Clandestine Impasse is suspenseful and intriguing.  I liked the storyline but found myself not liking the hero. That aside, I figured if Vi could put up with Chris, then I could as well.  I would like to read more from this author, especially the next story about Chrisí family. 


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